We're changing hearing care forever.

RxHearing is revolutionizing hearing care! Our cutting-edge technology is changing how people receive and benefit from hearing care services, making hearing health accessible for everyone. Our team of licensed hearing specialists are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible solution to help them reconnect with life.

Who we are

RxHearing's US parent company has been a Brand Name manufacturer in the hearing industry since 1954. We stand behind our products 100% and we are proud to now offer our Customers the same quality and value that we have been providing to the hearing industry for decades.

RxHearing owns and manages the all of steps to deliver our customers hearing aids at true wholesale prices. Our unique partnerships with our manufacturers, suppliers and in-house licensed hearing specialists allows us to sell Direct to our Customers without adding expensive markup costs. RxHearing passes the savings directly on to our Customers. No middlemen. No Overhead. No Gimmicks.

With RxHearing you can feel confident with your purchase. Our customers only receive medical quality hearing aids along with our outstanding service, warranties and money back guarantees.

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Our mission

Our mission is to improve access to and affordability of quality hearing care services and solutions for Canadians.

RxHearing is dedicated to affecting positive change in our community by delivering easy-to-use and affordable hearing care across Canada. Our medical grade hearing aids are designed for convenience but guarantee premium quality and user experience, proving time and time again to help our customers save thousands of dollars of their hearing care.

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